New Balance Orthopedic Shoes

Published: 17th July 2009
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New Balance has long been popular among runners and avid walkers for their comfortable athletic shoes. Their line of custom orthopedic shoes promises the same level of quality that their customers have come to expect.

Each New Balance Orthopedic Shoe is constructed over a wooden structure known as a "last". There are 13 different lasts that New Balance works from. Each one is uniquely engineered to address specific pressure points or problem areas for men, women and children. Some of the lasts are better for certain activities. For example, the Straight Last (SL) produces an orthopedic shoe designed for running and walking. The Athletic Last, on the other hand, is designed to support feet during fitness activities such as aerobics, jump rope and working out in the gym. By building the shoe on the last, New Balance is able to take into account a "360 degree custom fit".

The goal of New Balance Orthopedic Shoes is to provide, what the company calls, "individualized solutions". The available features are varied. Anatomical Arch Support, for example, is available for people who suffer from arch pain, plantar fasciitis, high arch (cavus foot) or flat feet. These features will reduce stress and improve balance. The size of the arch support will largely depend on the customer's particular foot type and the source of the pain. Deep Contoured Heel Cups are available for those customers who suffer from plantar fasciits (heel pain caused by inflammation of the connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the feet) or problems with their Achilles tendon. Add-On Gel Pads are available to target particularly vulnerable sore spots on the feet such as bunions, corns, hammertoe, claw toe or calluses. Cushioning Foam is a more generalized support system that relieves pressure points along the sole of the foot.

If you are considering purchasing a pair of orthopedic shoes from New Balance, the best thing to do is to get on the phone with someone from the company so that you can discuss your specific needs and identify which type of shoe is best for you. In addition to orthopedic shoes, New Balance provides shoes that come in extra wide widths or with extra depth as well as shoes suited to particular types of physical activity. When investing in a pair of orthopedic shoes, it is always a good idea to shop around. Check out other major footwear companies such as Nike and Reebok to see what sort of orthopedic options they offer. You should also look into companies like Brooks, Orthofeet and PW Minor who specialize in orthopedic shoes.

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